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Finally A Solution to Sleep Apnea & Snoring!

With over 22 million adults suffering from sleep apnea and another 90 million struggling with frequent episodes of snoring, its no wonder that so many people in and around Southlake, TX are searching for “laser snoring treatment near me”.

Innovations in laser treatments now make getting the snoring and sleep apnea treatment you need faster, less invasive, more affordable and accessible than ever before.

"I cannot thank you enough. Sleep is worth its weight in gold!"

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Once You Read This, You Will Not Need Sleep Apnea Surgery!

Traditional sleep apnea surgery is invasive, higher risk, and costly. Yet snoring can have a serious impact on quality of life, while sleep apnea may lead to serious health consequences up to and including death.

As such, many individuals seek out alternatives to remedy their condition. 

NightLase® Laser Snoring Treatment

NightLase® is a patient-friendly, non-invasive laser treatment designed to improve the quality of sleep for individuals suffering from snoring and/or sleep apnea. The treatment involves a gentler approach than traditional surgery, utilizing medical lasers on targeted tissue to induce a tightening of the oral mucosa tissue. 

FDA approved in the USA since 2013, this non-surgical laser snoring treatment provides long-term relief from snoring without the need for traditional surgery and recovery.

How NightLase® Works

NightLase® works by inducing contraction of mucosal collagen, using optimized laser pulses to safely and effectively penetrate to deliver heat to tissue. This process has been clinically proven to attenuate and/or reduce snoring, while also offering a non-invasive alternative to reduce the negative effects of sleep apnea.

NightLase® Treatment Process and Results

The entire process consists of three individual treatment sessions carried out over a 6-week period, with results demonstrated to last up to a year post-treatment. Additional NightLase® therapy can be performed as necessary or as directed by your care team.

During each session, a non-surgical medical laser will be used to target and heat tissues at the back of the throat. This heat, applied and delivered to the area acts to tighten and tone posterior palatal tissue reducing the severity of snoring and assisting in further opening up the airway allowing you to breathe easier.

Is Sleep Apnea Treatment Right for You?

Although only a doctor can properly diagnose and prescribe treatment for snoring and/or sleep apnea, individuals suffering from the following may be good candidates for laser snoring treatment:

  • Chronic or frequent snoring
  • Keeping family members or significant others awake at night
  • Sleep disturbances due to snoring
  • Chronic fatigue as a result of reduced airflow, breathing disturbances or lack of sleep
  • Oxygen deprivation as a result of snoring 
  • And more…

Sleep Apnea Surgery cost

A common question for patients at our Southlake, TX location is how much sleep apnea surgery costs. Compared to traditional sleep apnea surgery, laser snoring treatments are generally more affordable.

Although costs may vary based on your unique situation, the average sleep apnea surgery cost comes in around $500 per treatment.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Laser Snoring Treatments

  • Relief without the need for surgery 
  • Pain-free outpatient treatment 
  • Requires no downtime
  • Improved sleep for you and your family
  • A viable alternative to CPAP machines
  • Improved overall health, energy and well-being 

Wave Goodbye to Snoring & Get the Good Night’s Rest You Deserve

Don’t let snoring or sleep apnea keep you up at night. Reach out to our Southlake, TX clinic today and find out how NightLase® can help you take back control of your health and well-being.